Hossein Amanat, architect and designer of the Freedom Monument (Azadi Tower) in Tehran, for Near East Magazine (Istanbul)

Crimea / Kids

This Gosha Rubchinskiy zine is the first book we have published. Copies arrived today. A5 and staple bound, comprising 80 pages of photographs by Gosha.

And this is why. It is brilliant. Like all wonderfully brilliant. These pages have something of Jean-Luc Godard’s colour films about them. Pierrot Le Fou or Weekend as played out by Russian teens. 

Photographed in Russia and Crimea in 2013. Before the crisis. The book is so topical - it could not be more of the moment. But it is pointedly not political. Gosha’s photographs are of kids (for whom skating probably has more meaning than nationality) or of parks and monuments and concrete promenades - that belong to the kids, whoever may otherwise think they own them. 

Flowerpot Canvas and Beaverteen Fox by Tender

Tender’s fox is hand cut and completely hand sewn in England, from heavyweight English-woven cotton canvas, creased-dyed in a small vat, giving a unique uneven character to the colour. The fox’s chest, muzzle, ears, and tail are made from white beaverteen.

The fox is traditionally stuffed with natural wood ‘wool’, giving him a sturdy, firm feel and a nice robust weight, and a Tender red blanket label is sewn onto his tummy.

Stuffed-animal-making started as an offshoot of the upholstery trade, and this fox is made in the same way, by drawing seams together over a tight stuffing in a ladder stitch.

Rather than being overly anthropomorphised, this fox is modelled after a real animal.

Hentsch Man AW14

Needles Wool Adventure Hat

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Selected Ambient Works 85–92 (or Selected Ambient Works 85 to 92) is the debut studio album by English electronic musician Aphex Twin (Richard D. James). His third release and under the alias, it was released in 1992 on the Belgian techno label Apollo. An analogue remaster was released in 2006, and a digital remaster was released in 2008. Selected Ambient Works 85–92 was appreciated for its minimalist and atmospheric nature and is considered by many music critics to be one of the greatest albums in ambientIDM, and electronic music.

A Kind of Guise

A Kind of Guise


We talked with Milton Arellano about his experience working with Levi’s Skateboarding to build Pura Pura, a skate park high up on the slopes of La Paz, Bolivia. Check out his story here.


Anthony Pappalardo, from Converse Skateboarding introduction paper